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Laughable (part 2)

Laughable (part 2)

In my initial post, I spoke to my deep disappointment in some “friends”. Well Holy fuck-beans!

I received this response from some one (I’m only posting portions, and I did change names to protect people).

I’m sorry this issue is ongoing. For what it’s worth, my family I had the opportunity to speak at length with the other party. They assured us that with the tax issues and the building structure issues, the rink would soon be closing…

… He told us to call him any time and he would help get (our son) looked at by other teams using his vast array of ###### contacts.

…our son did call him over the summer and he could not come up with a single contact AND, he never followed up with our son as promised.

…With the other party, I got the run around, promises that never came through and a lot of car salesman type talk. I believe wholeheartedly that man was just trying to destroy the Business and the owner in the process.

So, let’s start from the top — all debts are current, and the building is fine, the programs are strong (except 1 that you almost killed, but guess what??? it’s still alive).

Second part, if you make comments like “get XXX looked at” — at least make a call — I have serious doubt you even considered making a call, or even send an email. I more expect your actions like what you did to a certain young man looking to be a Fire-fighter you were going to help but did’t because you didn’t like the kid — you’re a real peace of work.

Part 3 — this really is your way of operating. Things don’t go well, you just cut bait  and move on, an pretend it never happened. In the meantime you screw people that think you are a decent person.

Maybe these are reasons why you moved out of state? Not to mention that your financial backers pulled out.

Hopefully Karma is watching.

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